Homeschool Supplies We Love!

Homeschool Supplies We Love!

It's that time of year again (the time when I can justify how many school supplies we own). Welcome to our little corner of the internet where we are living our best lives hoarding up triangular mechanical pencils and all sorts of beeswax for little hands. 


Today, I am taking a risk. I am about to share with you items we consider pretty spectacular and enjoy having in our home (which is also our "school"). Please don't buy them all. Okay, buy them. Enjoy them. Save us some next year. 


The first day of school.

We have a special tradition in our homeschool. On our first day with a new curriculum, I lay out a spread of special treasures. Often, they are related to the theme of our learning, as you can see below.


This year is no different, so here are a few special items my boys will be receiving on our first day of learning this school year. 

Quill and wax seal set (each of our boys are getting a different color). 

Wax seal kit. We are starting a Mail Mondays tradition, so these are a part of that.













How about dissection? These kits are looking like amazing fun to add to our learning this year. 

Address book


I gift supplies that encourage handcrafts, nature study, and hobbies.

Our homeschool is Charlotte Mason inspired, so we encourage our boys to spend time engaged with nature, as well as doing handcrafts daily. Some of the supplies we gift them annually encourage these pursuits. 

Nets for catching fish, minnows, crawdads, and more. 


Yes, you're seeing correctly! These are superhero cross stitch forms. 











Paracord kit

Woodburning set

Weaving loom


Preschool fun and keeping hands busy.

Our youngest is 5 and I do not do formal lessons with him just yet. That means he needs some special things to look forward to and encourage him to explore and play. Each year, I have gifted my preschoolers different things I know they will enjoy during lesson times in our home. Furthermore, many of these items are used by our older, school aged children to keep their hands busy while being read aloud to during lessons.

Monkey foam is a family favorite - plus, it doesn't stick to carpet!








Decompression tape - this stuff makes little balls! My boys think it is very cool and I have even gifted it to my students in China. 

Stockmar modeling wax has been in our home since 2017. All three boys have enjoyed using this every year. 

We also use and enjoy these:

Plus Plus blocks

Monkey String

Water marker paint kit

Sticker & coloring books.

We have been big fans of Dover for a long time. We grabbed these for this school year, but have also bought many others, too!

Traditional supplies we use. 

Here are a few of our favorite things! 

Amazon tells me I have been buying these Flair felt tip pens since 2008 (don't ask me how many times I have bought them). 











These pencils aren't Ticonderoga, sorry! We prefer these due to the triangular shape (great for grip) and amazing, thick led. 


Next up, markers that don't dry out when the lid is off (say what?)!














Our favorite paper (for drawing)

Our favorite fun colored pencils for all ages

Amazing crayons 

Book easel

Paintbrush set

Lined traveler's notebooks

Primary notebook

Chalk pencil

Dustless chalk

I hope you find some things to use in your homeschool. I will be sharing about some books I am giving my 9 year old soon!


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I bought those triangular pencils for my mom, to do her crossword puzzles. She loves them so much, I got some for us too.

Shawn Williams

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