Best Gifts for Boys

Best Gifts for Boys

Yep, I am gender stereotyping. I am a boy mom through and through at this point and there are just some things they gravitate towards. Every year, there are subtle changes; maybe my now 9 year old likes trains just a little less and challenging lego kits a little more. In our home, mindfulness is important when it comes to gifts. We aren't a high tech family. We (maybe I) enjoy toys that are more open-ended and that engage the mind, inspiring creativity. 

Our three sons have birthdays around the major holidays in the US. We have a birthday on November 28th, January 7th, and February 9th. This means I start purchasing for them each Spring. I hunt around and work hard to find what will work best for them, what will last an entire year, what they are most interested in, and what I can find at a good price. I also consider items they can use together. Being 2 years apart each, I have found it not all too difficult to include games and toys they can all play and enjoy. 

Gifts for 9 year old boys images of assorted toys

Circuit Explorer Sets are a new favorite of my 9 year old. He received one and asked for more right away. They naturally teach children to create simple circuits with the build in immediate reward of movement, lights, and other action. Our 9 year old can complete these sets entirely independently.

This Joke Book is clean, child friendly, and my 9 year old quotes it constantly! 

Mario Lego Kits are a fad in our home right now. In truth, ANY Lego set is a hit around here. These Mario kits offer a little nostalgia for millennial parents who want to relive a part of their childhood.

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales are graphic novels I cannot get my son to put down! They are historically accurate, retell using original language, as well as represent the events and people in a way that kids relate to.

***These books do have occasional language we don't use in our home, please pre-read. The language is appropriate for the era and the part of the story.

This Paper Plane Set is fun! Our boys gathered round one another and spent hours creating, testing, and racing their creations.

Gifts for a 7 year old boy with images of toys

All of my sons like hidden image searches and this Hidden Pictures Book by Highlights for Kids is epic!

Gel Pens and Black Paper is a throwback to my 90s childhood (see the theme here?) and my boys don't mind one bit. In particularly, my 7 year old write secret codes in his, because that is what 7 year olds are made for, right?

Kanoodle Jr. is a fun brain game that kids can play independently. This one goes right into our quiet time basket for lots of interesting game play during our quiet hour.

Botley 2.0 was probably my 7 year old's favorite gift this year. This robot is a basic way to teach coding. No apps, no screens needed, Botley comes with everything you need to code and play with him.

Lego 3 in 1 Creator Kits are versatile and engaging for this age group. They love that they can create, take it apart, and create something new. 

Brain Flakes would have topped my list for each of my sons, if I am honest. They love creating with these open ended blocks.

Snap Circuits are a newfound love for my 5 year old. He and his brothers work on these together and when they complete a circuit, they are so proud. I can usually hear them from across the house!

Plus Plus blocks have been in our home since my eldest was a toddler. They have a variety of sizes appropriate for different ages. These kits have wheels, which has been a great addition to their creations. 

Smart Games are another longstanding favorite. I began buying these at a local toy store about 5 years ago. We love that these help teach problem solving!

What 5 year old doesn't love some cash in their play area? This Play Money Set has a similar look to real money, includes a lot of money and coins, and is reasonably priced. 


That, my friends, is a wrap! Add these to your list of best gifts for boys so you have it when you need a gift for your son or a friend!

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Do you store your snap circuits in their original boxes? I was looking at a couple used sets and one lacked the box, so I was curious.


From another boy mom – thank you! My oldest (also 9) loves Erector sets, and I think the circuit sets would be another wonderful outlet for his “take-apart-to-figure-out” brain!


Whoa! I have absolutely stacked our gift lists now that I read this. Thank you.

Keri Ann

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