Gifts for Mamas 2023

Gifts for Mamas 2023

Mamas can find it hard to choose gifts or articulate what gifts would bless them most. If it were up to me, we would sit down together and I would hear out your heart and we would get to know one another well enough to bless each other with the very sweetest gift this year.

Since that's not an option, I put together this Gifts for Mamas guide. I hope that as you check out these ideas, you are inspired to share with your husband or a parent, or find a great gift for another mama friend in your life. 

Gifts for the Outdoor Mama

1. This collapsible, insulated cooler-picnic basket from 1000 Hours Outside will be your go to for family food forever! We personally own this one and use it every week, at least twice a week for our family of five.

2. Several months ago, I replaced my diaper bag backpack (no kids in diapers for 5 years, lol) with this heavy canvas rucksack bag for all of our adventuring. It is roomy and has lots of pockets, which has been perfect for me as I lead our events and go on family hikes.

3. It really needs no explanation, just read Ginny's book. You won't regret giving it or getting it.

4. A friend gifted me these wool socks a few years ago and they have lasted well and are my favorite winter pairs. 

5. Bedrock sandals are my shoe of choice (I have worn mine for 3 years). In our temperate area, I wear them about 9 months out of the year. These sandals are amazing in all conditions, both wet and dry. You will love getting or gifting these. 

outdoor mama gifts

Gifts for the Trendy Mama

1. This fun, trendy, homeschool mama sweatshirt is fully customizable. 

2. I have worn wool hats since before it was a thing, but now that they are, you can snag them for an amazing price. 

3. My friend, Allison opened the sweetest shop that is filled with beautiful and encouraging items like this mug. Everything is hand drawn by her and this gift is one any mama would love and appreciate.

4. I was gifted a birth flowers family ring and think it is the sweetest little reminder of our family that I can wear every day. This necklace is delicate, and dainty while highlighting each person you'd like to be reminded of while you wear it.

5. I've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but that isn't currently trending, so we wear our names on our sweatshirts! This simple font on that hunter green is swoonworthy!

Gifts for the On the Go Mama

1. Owala water bottles are the only water bottle our family uses. It took us years to find this truly durable, totally leak free, straw or sip option, water bottle. 

2. This tote is spacious and adorable. I love the leather handles. 

3. I have two rules for a key chain: 1. It must have a clip. 2. It must be easy to find. You will never lose your keys when they are clipped into your purse or around your wrist using this cute silicone bangle key chain.

4. Juniper Grove is an amazing company that produces the highest quality leather and fabric products. This upscale bag is one I have watched them develop and I would be thrilled to be the recipient of this gift.

5. We don't use plastic in our kitchen, with one exception - these amazing snack storage containers. These divided containers make snacks and a shared lunch such an easy process.

Gifts for the Hygge Mama

1. This is the kettle I use to make coffee and tea. It is large, has a thermostat, and is super aesthetically pleasing (even when you are bleary eyed and just woke).

2. Tiesta loose leaf tea is one of our family favorites and this nutty almond creme has soft notes of apple, cinnamon, and vanilla and sips like warmed cashmere. 

3. I get headaches from most scented candles. Mudita has been the only amazing scented candle that doesn't give me a headache. It also has amazing cold and hot throw. I smell it when lit, but also when not. You get 10% off via this link.

4. If you want to relax, this latch kit is the ticket!

5. A good book by a fire is the epitome of hygge for me. You can't go wrong with this gorgeous set of Jane Austen classics - the only question is if you will be willing to mar them by reading each copy!

Gifts for the Homemaker Mama

1. Can you even say you are a homemaker these days without making bread? I think you can, but I still think every homemaker should try making sourdough for a bit. This kit gives you everything you need to make beautiful, artisan loaves. 

2. This salt and pepper mill set is on my personal wish list. A friend had them at her home and they are both pretty and practical.

3. We used to all want kitchenaid mixers, now we all want flour mills

4. My hubby snagged me a cross back apron last year and it's now my go to while in the kitchen. 

5. Kombucha costs a lot at the store and it is usually pasteurized, so the benefits are null. However, with this awesome kit, you can make your own kombucha and enjoy all the benefits.

Gifts for the Organized Mama

1. Again, Juniper Grove Journals is a winner! This traveler's notebook system is beautiful, customizable, and heirloom quality.

2. After a friend gifted me book darts, I never could go back to highlighting and underlining. These are a perfect gift for a friend, or a great stocking stuffer.

3. Anyone else LOVE their Lisa Frank binders and stickers and pizazz back in the day? I keep seeing these adorable sticker printers that can go anywhere and print on demand, and it takes me back to my polaroid and Lisa Frank days.

4. These smooth, slick highlighters are amazing! They don't bleed and the colors are soothing.

5. I have shared this saying so many times and really believe it. This t-shirt is a great reminder for our hearts and advertisement to others that we value what matters most first!

 Thanks for perusing these Gifts for Mamas lists. I hope you found something wonderful and worth giving or getting this year. 

***many of these items are affiliate links and I receive a small commission if you choose to purchase after clicking my link. There is no additional cost to you for doing so and our family thanks you for using our links!

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