Challah Bread From Scratch

Challah Bread From Scratch

Every Thursday I begin preparations. I start with laundry for our home, the boys bring down their baskets, then I begin meal prepping for the weekend because we do our best to have a true Sabbath each Saturday.

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Oh, and don't forget the challah! I usually consider which type of challah I might make and ensure I have the correct ingredients on hand (toppings like sesame seeds, everything seasoning, etc.). Over and over, I have been asked for our challah bread recipe, so you here is how we make ours when we don't use sourdough (I will share that recipe another time).

Tips before you begin.

Challah takes time. Not inordinate amounts of time, but time nonetheless. Embrace it. Let it be an act of service to your family and God. Think about the women who also prepared challah for the past couple hundred years. Consider the heritage you participate in. Pray for your children, yourself, the nation, your marriage. Include your children. Let them join you and tell them stories about our faith. 

1. If you need to speed up the proofing process in your traditional challah recipe, proof it in the oven with the light on. 

2. Your challah should be puffy and nearly doubled when you finish the second rise and are about to bake it. 

3. Do an egg wash halfway through your bake time if you want to have no white spots from the oven rise. 

Challah bread is a custom, an experience, and a memory. My hope is that my children will always hold dear the evenings we set our challah out, worship together, and pray. Moreover, we love sharing these traditions and experiences with you. Our Sabbaths are a special time of fellowship and family worship. If you are looking to begin setting aside a special Sabbath day, please check out our Shalom Guide for families. 




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The recipe seems to not be appearing. I copied down most of it already but forgot some of the directions. Bummer.


This looks lovely! We cannot have grains and have made a casava challah that was so yummy, filling, and easy to make. It was delightful to find something that COULD braid!

Thank you for sharing this – a good reminder for me to get back into this rhythm, now that I am healthier. <3

Jess Y

THANK YOU! I have been waiting on this! I will try it next week.


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