Cream Cheese Stuffed Sourdough Bagel Buns

Cream Cheese Stuffed Sourdough Bagel Buns

A little local tea shop and bakery is one of my favorite haunts. I spent hours upon hours tucked away in a little curtained off spot sipping tea lattes with flower petals crushed on top and enjoying hot cream cheese filled bagel buns while I worked on a special project the past two years. 

So, of course, I dreamed of making my own - and I did! 

These are literally my sons' favorite snack and they ask me to make them again and again. I am so excited to share them with you too! 

 When you make these, you will never want to make a regular bagel again. They are beautiful pre-baked and they are beautiful baked up. 


If you try these, let us know! Comment below and tell us what your kids think after you make them!

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