Hygge Winter Soups - Easy & Delicious

Hygge Winter Soups - Easy & Delicious

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Winter can be dark and somber, so we practice hygge in these months to help bring about delight again. 

Hygge is a Danish word that encapsulates how we can use warm and cozy, foods, beverages, and activities to restore our souls and make our homes places of contentment during the Winter months. 

Each of these soups is made quickly, but the flavor profiles don't show it. In under an hour, you can make any of these soups for your family and enjoy a hygge winter soup meal that everyone will ask for over and over again! 

Jamie Erickson released a book called Holy Hygge recently and I recommend it as a great Winter reading selection for mothers. Inside, she unpacks how hygge can become a part of your home, your ministry to neighbors, and your life as a believer.

 Holy Hygge Jamie Erickson Hygge for believers

 I suggest trying these recipes on cold days when everyone wants to snuggle and be read to. Pair them with a delicious homemade bread, or even grilled cheese. Be sure and have something warm to drink as well! We hope you enjoy serving these soul warming, belly filling soups to your crew!

Recipe Cards - Hygge Winter Soups by sgreen05

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I just bought store bought gnocchi for the first time so my kids can taste it for the first time and I had no idea what exactly to do with it yet, so this is perfect and we’ve hit such a cold spel this week at our house too! Thank you.

Annie Wilson

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