Our Top Three Sourdough Recipes

Our Top Three Sourdough Recipes

Here at our house, sourdough has been a thing since day one. I came into our married life with a beloved starter I had carried around the country since 2002. If you don't currently have a starter and need to get one going, you can check out how I do it

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You won't find super long stories when I share recipes. Hope that isn't disappointing. In truth, I don't love navigating the posts with long stories before the recipe, because when I want a recipe, that is what I want, you know?

Before I drop the recipes though, I do want to share my very favorite US made flour jar. I own two that sit on my kitchen counter and house 10lbs of flour at a time. 

I don't personally use lots of special tools for sourdough things. You won't find a long list of items that I recommend you buy in order to make sourdough. I use regular bowls passed down to me from family and regular pans, etc. We use a lot of cast iron in our home, so my sourdough items get made in cast iron often.

For those who are curious, a dutch oven, a stand mixer, Danish dough whisk, and slip mats are my most used sourdough kitchen tools. 

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

These are soft and doughy cinnamon rolls that we eat every week or so. Sometimes I swap cardamom in for the cinnamon or even orange marmalade instead of cinnamon filling. They are delicious any way you make them. 


Chewy Sourdough Pizza Crust

This crust is our winner from all the crusts we know how to make. This one does require some wait time, unlike our super fast version, but it is so worth the chewy finished product. 


Sourdough Bagels

As a Jewish girl, this is an essential! We love bagels over here and this recipe is easy and produces bagels with the chewy goodness expected from a proper bagel.

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