Passover Side Dishes Everyone Will Love

Passover Side Dishes Everyone Will Love

Our kids look forward to Passover because they love hunting for the afikomen and eating all the delicious desserts (check out our favorites). I look forward to the hosting! While I enjoy my quiet, restful moments on the couch with coffee and a good book, a cleaned home and Passover music beckon me to cook for days and then celebrate with friends. 

Passover side dishes

These Passover side dishes won't fail to please even the pickiest guests. Also, these dishes are simple to pull together, so your kids can help (or maybe even do it themselves) and you can make great memories together as you prepare.

Creamy Cucumber Salad

This one might be my favorite (I lie, because I will happily tell you the same about the salmon dip, lol)! This salad is so easy to pull together and looks dreamy on the seder table. 



Smoked Salmon Dip

At any restaurant, I order their salmon dip. Growing up, bagels and lox were a staple in our Jewish home and at all major holidays. Then, as a young adult, I found smoked salmon dip and the creamy goodness mixed with capers and some fresh pita just takes me straight back to some of my favorite meals as a kid. Even if this one is new to you, please try it, you won't regret it. 


Best Quinoa Salad

If I say it's the best, it is, okay? Kidding, kind of. We all know that chametz (anything leavened or made from grains that ferment when mixed with water) is a big no-no during Passover, but this quinoa salad is a great way to get a little of that wonderful pasta -like texture in a delightful Spring medley of flavors. 


We sure do hope you try one, or two, or even all three of these recipes this year during Passover. If you are still unsure about how to host your Passover Seder, check out our simple instructions


Chag Sameach Pesach! 

Next year, in Jerusalem!


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