Sourdough Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sourdough Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

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There really is nothing like setting out a plate of just baked chocolate chip cookies for your family and enjoying them together! This special recipe is one I have worked on and perfected over the years. Also, I share a hack for getting consistently perfect, round, and easy to bake cookies! 

The trick is in the browned butter.

Browning the butter is what makes these cookies what they are. It adds a depth of flavor you just can't get otherwise. Get all three sticks of butter and heat them. Then stir occasionally while the butter turns a beautiful golden brown. This process typically takes about 10 minutes for me. Be sure and let your browned butter cool for half an hour prior to adding in with the sugars. 


Roll your dough - tollhouse style!

I have been selling these cookies and they are a HUGE hit. In order to prevent my arms from falling off while trying to scoop out uniform cookie balls via refrigerated dough, I have developed a little trick that produces perfectly sized and shaped cookies every single time! 

Roll that dough! 

After making the dough, dump it onto a piece of parchment paper about 18 inches long. Break the dough in half and set aside one half. Form one half into a log about 16 inches long on the parchment. Leave 1/2-1 inch on either side of the log. Then roll the log in the parchment and twist each end to seal. 

Freeze or refrigerate your log and slice into 2 inch pieces when ready to bake! 

Salt elevates the flavor.

Topping each cookie with coarse kosher salt or flaked sea salt really elevates the flavor of these cookies. Don't skip it! 

A couple notes:

- It doesn't matter if you use discard or active starter. Either works just fine.

- This dough needs to be refrigerated first. It tastes better and cooks better this way. 

- When cooking from frozen, bake 20 minutes and let cool for 20 minutes before taking off the parchment. 

- When cooking from refrigerated, bake 17 minutes and let cool 20 minutes before removing from the parchment. 





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Hey SarahRuth,
Have you ever tried doing an extended room-temperature ferment on these? I’m curious if they would turn out. i.e. leave them on the counter 8 hours, then refrigerate for a few hours before baking.

Sarah Smith

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