Sourdough Crackers - Easy & Delicious!

Sourdough Crackers - Easy & Delicious!

If your kids like Cheez-its...make these sourdough crackers. 

If you like herbed crackers with fancy cheeses...make these sourdough crackers. 

If you just got your sourdough starter...make these sourdough crackers. 

This sourdough cracker recipe is simple, easy and delicious!

Changing the flavor of the crackers is easy.

This recipe is easily adaptable. They will taste like Cheez-its if you use only butter, sourdough starter, and salt. If you would like some herbed crackers, you can add in oregano, rosemary, and thyme. You could add a shake of red pepper flakes for some kick, or even a teaspoon of hot sauce when stirring together the butter and the starter. Seeds like pumpkin paired with a bit of shaved cheddar also make a scrumptious combo. Have fun while making your sourdough crackers. 

Does the starter need to be active or can I use discard?

Either works! These sourdough crackers are a great way to use up extra starter (essentially, discard), but can absolutely be made with active sourdough starter as well. 

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