Sourdough Crescent Rolls - Easy & Delicious!

Sourdough Crescent Rolls - Easy & Delicious!

Friend, STOP. 

Stop buying those cans of dough. 

It isn't necessary, and they are filled with gunk you don't want in your body, or in the bodies of those you love. 

This recipe is your saving grace! No need to run to the store for canned crescent rolls ever again. These sourdough crescent rolls are easy, delicious, and fast! You can choose the longer version if you've got time (letting them rise), or you can keep it simple and ignore a rise. Both ways turn out great. 



If you kick the can and make these, let us know what you think in the comments. Or you can tag us on Instagram #kindletogetherness 

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This looks amazing! I love baking homemade bread. I’m ready to try these! Can you tell me how to save this recipe so I can print it and use it? It won’t let me long press on it to click save. Thank you so much! 💗

Cassy Satterfield

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