Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

“One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! If you’ve no daughters, give them to your sons, And if you’ve no kind of pretty little elves, Why then good faith, e’en eat them all yourselves”

“One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! Butter them and sugar them and put them in your muns (i.e. mouths). Hot cross buns, hot cross buns! One a penny poker, two a penny tongs, three a penny fire shovel, Hot cross buns!”

hot cross buns, sourdough hot cross buns

Our family has made hot cross buns ten different ways over the years, but these sourdough hot cross buns are our staple go to recipe these days. My boys know that holidays mean special food - it is just how we do it in our family. I like to think that one day they will look back and smell the smell and taste the taste of the pillowy, sweet hot cross buns and remember love. I like to think that the traditions we make together surrounding foods will be anchors to their early walk with our Lord and Messiah - Jesus. 

Whatever your reason for making these hot cross buns, it is my prayer that they will be life giving to your body, spirit, and soul. 


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