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Evergreens & Conifers Adventure Club Lesson Plans

Evergreens & Conifers Adventure Club Lesson Plans

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Our Evergreens & Conifers Adventure Club plans are specially designed for use in a group setting. These lessons are part of a series of lessons being released one by one over the coming months (2024). Eventually, they will be bundled with our Adventure Club Blueprint Course.

What ages is this for: 

These lessons are best suited for students ages 5-12 years.

Each lesson includes some or all of the following:

  • Gathering leader nature topic basics
  • Group gathering discussion prompts
  • Group activity or game
  • Song and/or hand rhyme
  • Nature walk prompts
  • Nature journal helps
  • Student printables
  • Hands on activities or ID practice challenge activities
  • Recipes
  • Picture book suggestions
  • Poetry
  • Nature topic basics
  • Resources for additional learning
  • Display sheets or images
  • Bible connections
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