Overnight Sourdough Artisan Boule

Overnight Sourdough Artisan Boule

Over the past two decades, I have made artisan sourdough products for our family and friends because I know how wonderful it is for our bodies and I love that it is an ancient way of making bread. 

All of the time, I am asked how I do it. People tend to think it is difficult and out of reach. They pay for pricy master classes and use kitchen scales and feel so intimidated. 

I am here to tell you sourdough is easy! Truly it is an ancient art that nomadic people groups did without any fancy equipment! This is my tried and true no knead method of making delicious overnight sourdough artisan boules that are an item I happily market and sell locally. We have many sourdough recipes here on the blog, so be sure and check out some of them if you are on the hunt for more:

- bagels, pizza dough & cinnamon rolls

- crescent rolls

- bread bowls

If you give this overnight sourdough artisan boule a try, I hope you will let me know by tagging us on Instagram or leaving a comment below! 


Happy faith filled homemaking, dear friend!

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